Hi, I'm Quyen 👋

You probably knew that since you found me on the internet. You might be looking for my writing. I am interested in diasporas, queerness, and the intersection of creative/critical work. I am Vietnamese in a manner of speaking and occasionally Canadian.

My name is pronounced Quyên (wean-g), and my pronouns are generally she/they.

Originally from Alberta. Currently an MFA candidate and Fulbright scholar in California.


This is a selection of my fiction — some have been credited under Kathy Pham.

Such Good Girls — Room Magazine 46.1
The essential refugee/immigrant/vnese experience.

Yellow — Winner of the 2020 Alberta Views Short Story Contest. Shortlisted for the 2019 Fair Australia Prize as "No Clue".
An after-school special on how to not be a model minority in a world that turns you into a metric or a myth.

All of Us — Ricepaper Magazine, reprinted in Dark Helix no. 3 and in fresh.ink magazine
Reckoning with intergenerational demons at your brother's wedding reception.

Certainly the people (t)here — Cagibi Literary Magazine
Impulsively visiting your mother's family in Vietnam after an adult-sized loss.


You can write me at mail@kquyenpham.com
I also take pictures.
Sometimes I tweet.